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All You Can Eat Night - Every Sunday & Monday ($27 per Head)
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All You Can Eat Night - Every Sunday & Monday ($27 per Head)

About Gurkhas Nepalese Restaurant

It was a humble beginning. Gurkhas Brasserie is one of the first Nepalese restaurants in Melbourne. When Gurkhas Brasserie first opened in 1995 at the famous Chapel Street in Melbourne, it had one main purpose: to serve an authentic taste of Himalayan kingdom of Nepal to Australian public.

- Chandra Yonzon (Founder).

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Every Monday — Live Music w/ Candle Light Dinner 

Food Menu

The Place For Asian Nepalese Food

Grill Barramundi Whole Fish ** $25.9

Grilled Barramundi whole fish served with rice and vegetables

Mix Grill ** $25

Combination of grilled Lamb cutlet, chicken cubes, chicken wings…

Lamb Cutlet ** $29

Succulent Grilled lamb cutlets Char grilled served with fragrant…

Sekuwa ** $19.9

Marinated leg char grilled chicken served with rice &…

Momo Meat (Meat or Veg. or mixed – 5 pcs) $7.9

Handmade Nepalese Dumplings stuffed with vegetable/chicken mince marinated in…

Springy (6 Pcs) $8.9

Vegetarian Spring, homemade w Plum sauce

Pakauda – 5 pcs $7.5

Potato Fritters served w tomato chutney

Pakheta (Chicken Wings)- 4 pcs $8.9

Marinated chicken wings off the grill, served with saffron…

Singada – 2 pcs $6.9

Curry puff- potato filling drizzled w plum sauce

Small Calamari* $10.9

Our Chef’s Creation: Stir Fry Oriental

Gurkhas Special $8.9

An interesting mix of texture suited to any palate,…

Poleko Kukhura $10.9

Bite size chicken cubes off the grill served with…

Chhoila** $11.9

Choice of Chicken or beef diced sautéed with caramelized…

Bhuta ma Chuira (Chicken Liver) * $9.9

Wok tossed chicken liver, cumin, and cilantro, spring onions…

Kukhra Ma Krim (Chicken Cream) ** $16.9

Boneless chicken curry, rich in flavour with a dash…

Goruko Masu (Beef Curry) ** $17.9

Tender slices of beef cooked in rich curry with…

Chicken Chilli * $17.9

Batter fried tender chicken fillets sautéed with dice capsicum,…

Pumpkin Chicken Cream** $17.9

Boneless chicken curry & pumpkin, rich in flavour with…

Chicken Masala* $16.9

Stir-fry boneless chicken with mixed veg seasoned with fresh…

Kukhra Ko Masu (Chicken Curry) ** $15.9

Traditional chicken curry, typical Nepali style

Khasiko Masu (Goat Curry) ** $19.9

Specialty of the house, traditional diced goat meat, garnished…

Chilli Beef * $17.9

Slice tender Beef sautéed with diced capsicum, onion, seasoned…

Ginger Beef * $17.9

Slice tender Beef sautéed w mix veg, onion, garlic,…

Chow Chow (chicken or beef) $15.9

Wok Tossed noodles with mixed veg and your choice…

Fish Chilli * $17.9

Crispy Batter fried fish fillet stir-fry in special spice…

Jhinge Tarkari (Prawn Curry) ** $20.9

Fresh green prawns smothered in rich curry w mix…

Calamari $17.9

Stir Fry calamari, sautéed with a touch of ginger,…

Chilli Prawns* $21.9

Irresistibly spicy fresh green prawns with capsicum and onions,…

Garlic Prawn* $24.9

Garlic flavour creamy Curry prawns served w Rice

Vegetable Chow* $13.9

Stir-fry noodles with mixed veg. Seasoned with soy and…

Aloo Rayo** $12.5

Nepali Spinach & potatoes sauté in garlic, dry Chilies

Sweet Potato Curry** $15.9

Sweet Potatoes, black eye beans and spinach cooked w…

Dal Janeko** $12.5

Spiced Red Lintels. Small: $6 Large: $12.5

Pharsi Ko (Pumpkin) ** $14.5

Butternut pumpkin sautéed & cooked in curry sauce

Tofu Tarkari (Stir Fry Tofu & Mix Veg)* $16.9

Asian style Tofu sauté w garlic, cumin seed, ginger…

Tofu Saag (Stir Fry Tofu & Spinach)* $15.9

Asian style Tofu sauté w garlic, cumin seed, ginger…

Aloo Gobi** $14.9

Nepali Spinach & potatoes sauté in garlic, dry Chilies

Eggplant** $14.9

Fresh Eggplant and potato sautéed in curry Sauce

Veg Thali / Dal Bhat (Nepalese Platter)* $19.5

A typical Nepalese Vegetarian Platter consists of spinach, cottage…

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Chef Selection

Banquet Menu

  • Simple Feast

    ($27.9 per head)- Min 2 Order

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  • Vegetable Feast

    ($26.9 per head)- Min 2 Order

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  • Tenzing Special

    ($34.9 per head)- Min 2 Order

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  • Top Of the Range

    ($44.9 per head)- Min 2 Order

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Drink Menu

Sukaman Tamanei

Sukaman Tamanei

Head Chef - Gurkhas

40 Plus Years Of Experience At Hospitality Industry

Master Chef @ Gurkhas over 20 years (Melbourne)

Executive Chef @ 5 Star Resort (Nepal)

Chef De Party @ 5 Star Hotel (Dubai)

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