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All You Can Eat Night - Every Sunday & Monday ($27 per Head)

Food Menu

(** Gluten Free Items)


  • Chicken Mushroom Soup


  • Lental Mushroom Soup



  • Springy (6 Pcs)


    Vegetarian Spring, homemade w Plum sauce

  • Singada – 2 pcs


    Curry puff- potato filling drizzled w plum sauce

  • Roti Chana


    Curry Chick Peas & Potato served w 1 pc of Roti Bread

  • Pakauda – 5 pcs


    Potato Fritters served w tomato chutney

  • Pakheta (Chicken Wings)- 4 pcs


    Marinated chicken wings off the grill, served with saffron rice

  • Small Calamari*


    Our Chef’s Creation: Stir Fry Oriental

  • Gurkhas Special


    An interesting mix of texture suited to any palate, flower cup Pappadam, fried lentils, spiced potatoes, yogurt top

  • Momo Meat (Meat or Veg. or mixed – 5 pcs)


    Handmade Nepalese Dumplings stuffed with vegetable/chicken mince marinated in Nepalese Herbs served with Homemade Chutney (Most popular Nepalese Appetizer)

  • Poleko Kukhura


    Bite size chicken cubes off the grill served with fresh salad

  • Chhoila**


    Chicken diced sautéed with caramelized onion, cumin & ginger-Cold food & spciy

  • Bhuta ma Chuira (Chicken Liver) *


    Wok tossed chicken liver, cumin, with touch of Nepalese spices garnished with crispy rolled rice & coriander leaves

  • Mixed Entree Platter (for 2 persons)


    A mixture of varieties of different entrees from the menu

  • BBQ Mushroom


    Char grill Mushrooms in ginger garlic Soya flavour

Main Course – Vegetarian Bazaar

  • Vegetable Chow*


    Stir-fry noodles with mixed veg. Seasoned with soy and a touch of spice

  • Sweet Potato Curry**


    Sweet Potatoes, black eye beans and spinach cooked w tomato, onion, garlic, and cumin powder

  • Dal Janeko**


    Healthy Lentils. Large: $13.5

  • Pharsi Ko (Pumpkin) **


    Butternut pumpkin sautéed & cooked in curry sauce

  • Tofu Tarkari (Stir Fry Tofu & Mix Veg)*


    Asian style Tofu sauté w garlic, cumin seed, ginger w Mix Veg & Sauce

  • Tofu Saag (Stir Fry Tofu & Spinach)*


    Asian style Tofu sauté w garlic, cumin seed, ginger & dry chilli w spinach

  • Aloo Gobi**


    Cauliflower and potatoes curry cooked in Nepalese housewife style

  • Eggplant**


    Fresh Eggplant and potato sautéed in curry Sauce

  • Aloo Rayo**


    Nepali style spinach & potato sauté w garlic, cumin seed & dry whole chilli

  • Matar Paneer **


    The Mixture of Cottage Cheese & green peas gazed in creamy curry sauce (very popular veg dish)

  • Veg Thali / Dal Bhat (Nepalese Platter)*


    A typical Nepalese Vegetarian Platter consists of spinach, cottage cheese & green peas, Lentil & spicy pickle with Rice

  • Paneer Chilli *


    Cottage Cheese sautéed with dice capsicum, onion, garlic, seasoned with soy sauces chillies (very popular veg dish)

Main Course - Meat Bazaar

  • Goruko Masu (Beef Curry) **


    Tender slices of beef cooked in rich curry with fresh coriander

  • Chicken Masala*


    Stir-fry boneless chicken with mixed veg seasoned with fresh herbs and spices

  • Kukhra Ko Masu (Chicken Curry) **


    Traditional chicken curry, typical Nepali style

  • Kukhra Ma Krim (Chicken Cream) **


    Boneless chicken curry, rich in flavour with a dash of cream

  • Khasiko Masu (Goat Curry Bone) **


    Specialty of the house, traditional goat meat w bone, garnished with fresh coriander, typical Nepali style

  • Chilli Beef *


    Slice tender Beef sautéed with diced capsicum, onion, seasoned with soy sauce and chillies

  • Chicken Chilli *


    Batter fried tender chicken fillets sautéed with dice capsicum, onion, seasoned with soy sauces chillies

  • Ginger Beef *


    Slice tender Beef sautéed w mix veg, onion, garlic, seasoned with soy sauce

  • Chow Chow (chicken or beef)*


    Wok Tossed noodles with mixed veg and your choice of meat

  • Meat Thali / Dal Bhat*(Nepalese Platter)*


    A typical Nepalese non veg platter consist of spinach, Lentil, choice of meat curry (Chicken / Goat) & spicy pickle with Rice

  • Pumpkin Chicken Cream**


    Boneless chicken curry & pumpkin, rich in flavour with a dash of cream

  • Ginger Chicken Mushroom*


    Off the wok ginger flavour chicken with mushrooms & spices

Main Course - Seafood

  • Fish Chilli *


    Crispy Batter fried fish fillet stir-fry in special spice blend

  • Calamari


    Stir Fry calamari, sautéed with a touch of ginger, garlic, a very popular dish @ Gurkhas

  • Chilli Prawns*


    Irresistibly spicy fresh green prawns with capsicum and onions, touch of Soya Served W rice & Salad

  • Garlic Prawn*


    Garlic flavour creamy Curry prawns served w Rice

  • Jhinge Tarkari (Prawn Curry) **


    Fresh green prawns smothered in rich curry w mix Veg

From Charcoal Grill

  • Grill Barramundi Whole Fish **


    Grilled Barramundi whole fish served with rice and vegetables

  • Mix Grill **


    Combination of grilled Lamb cutlet, chicken cubes, chicken wings & Beef Kebab served with Salad in sizzling plate

  • Sekuwa **


    Marinated leg char grilled chicken served with rice & mix veg in a sizzling plate

  • Lamb Cutlet **


    Succulent Grilled lamb cutlets Char grilled served with fragrant rice and mix veg in sizzling plate

Side Dishes

  • Raita (Yogurt)


    Chopped tomato, cucumber, onions and apples in homemade yogurt

  • S Eggplant**


    Sliced egg-plant and potatoes, stir in light curry sauce

  • S Aloo Rayo **


    Stir fried potatoes and spinach

  • S Chana ra Aloo**


    Potatoes and chickpeas in mild curry sauce

  • S Dall**


    Lentils with stir fried Nepalese spinach


  • Hariyo Saagpat (Green Salad) **


    Asian fresh Greens tossed with Nepalese dressing

  • Charako Salad (Chicken Salad) **


    Char Grilled Julienne of chicken on the bed of Salad mix topped with oriental dressing

Rice and Roti

  • Keema Roti


    2 pcs Flaky bread, minced meat stuffed in oriental flavour

  • Rice- Steam **


  • Gurkha Roti Babar


    2 pcs Nepalese flaky bread, plain

  • Masala Roti


    2 pcs Flaky bread stuffed with spiced mashed potato

  • Garlic Roti


    2 Pcs Flaky bread, garlic flavoured

  • Butter Roti


    2 pcs flaky bread, butter flavoured

  • Chamre *


    Saffron rice, nuts and dry shallots

  • Bhuteko Bhat (Chicken & Egg) **


  • Bhuteko Bhat (Chicken/Mixed/Veg) **



  • Khir (Rice Pudding)


    Homemade rice pudding, simple and creamy

  • Nepalese Delight


    Ice cream, made of condensed milk, pistachio nuts and flavoured with mango

  • Rato Mohan (Cottage Cheese balls)


    Fried cottage cheese balls soaked in sugar syrup, sprinkled with coconut, warmly served

  • Ice Cream


    Plain Vanilla Ice Cream or with choice of toppings Mango or Strawberry flavour


  • Coffee


    Flat White, Cappuccino, Café Latte, Short black, long black, Maciata

  • Hot Chocolate


  • Tea, herbal Tea


    Chamomiles, Earl gray, Peppermint, Lemon, Green Tea, English Breakfast Tea

  • Nepalese Tea


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