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All You Can Eat Night - Every Sunday & Monday ($27 per Head)

Enjoy the Authentic Flavours of Nepalese Cuisine Right Here in Carlton.

Gurkhas brings you the simple and delectable flavours from the Himalayan kingdom in Melbourne. We are one of the leading and oldest Nepalese restaurant near Carlton serving our diners the finest and delicious dishes hand-picked from different corners in Nepal.

Nepalese cuisine is an amalgamation of distinctive flavours from the neighbouring countries like India, Tibet and China. It is due to these distinct flavours that Nepalese cuisine is so unique.

We have brought this authentic and unique taste of Nepal right here near Carlton, Melbourne. We are a prominent Nepalese restaurant with over two decades of experience in serving exquisite dishes handpicked from different corners of Nepal and India. Our chefs use various traditional spices and herbs to bring out the typical flavours of each dish.

Fresh and Seasonal Ingredients for the Best Culinary Experience!

Our head chef has over three decades of experience in the hospitality industry. He has perfected the traditional recipes and brought his innovations to prepare a culinary delight that will transport to the culinary heavens. Nepalese cuisine is very simple but flavoursome and healthy. We serve you the mouthwatering Nepali dishes in a welcoming, urbane and classy setting at Gurkhas near Carlton. 

We have prepared our menu in such a manner that it will take you to the kitchens of Nepal and experience the traditional flavours. We serve our diners the famous dishes from different corners of Nepal. Right from simple and flavoursome Momos, Sekuwa to tangy Aloo Chop, you can enjoy the famous street food. Also, if you love the non-vegetarian food, you are sure to get the best taste at Gurkhas. We serve a variety of vegetarian dishes to traditional slow-cooked goat, pork curries and delicious side dishes to compliments the main course.

We have the perfect venues to host any special celebration like birthdays, engagements, wedding and so on. To book a table with us, call us now 03 9387 4666 !

Experience the Traditional Flavours of Nepalese Cuisine Near Carlton.

We serve a variety of vegetarian dishes to traditional slow-cooked goat, pork curries and delicious side dishes to compliments the main course. 
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