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Gurkhas – The Best Nepalese and Indian Restaurant in Chinatown

Gurkhas > Gurkhas – The Best Nepalese and Indian Restaurant in Chinatown
All You Can Eat Night - Every Sunday & Monday ($27 per Head)

Are you craving a mouthwatering Nepalese meal? Looking for delicious Sel Roti to tantalise your taste buds? Gurkhas brings you authentic Nepalese food in Chinatown to satisfy your cravings!

As one of the leading Nepalese restaurants in Chinatown, we provide authentic Himalayan cuisine to Australians. Our food is made with extreme care and hygiene, giving you peace of mind. 

At Gurkhas, we bring you Nepal’s rich and authentic taste right here in Chinatown. Our menu consists of some of the most popular dishes from different corners of Nepal, including Momo, Sekuwa, Aloo Chop and much more that compliments the main course.

Authentic Indian Restaurant in Chinatown

In our authentic Indian restaurant in Chinatown, you will be greeted by the aroma of freshly cooked spices and the warm ambience of the place. It’s like going into another universe away from the buzz and bustle.

At Gurkhas, we bring you the best dining experience with our delicious food and high-quality service. We take pride in offering the highest quality Indian food in Chinatown, leaving you utterly amazed and longing for more.

The wholesome spices and variety of foods make Indian food one of the most authentic foods in the world. Whether you craving Shahi Paneer or Dal Makhani, we are here to satisfy all your cravings with our wide menu.

Why Choose Gurkhas?

  • Food cooked using the freshest ingredients
  • Friendly and attentive staff
  • Perfect place for Nepalese and Indian food
  • Chefs are well-versed in traditional cooking methods


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Prior bookings will ensure that we take every precaution to ensure an incredibly enjoyable and safe dining experience.

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Taste the Authentic & Unique Food of Himalayan Kingdom Right Here Near Coburg

Gurkhas provide a friendly, cozy and tranquil setting where you can enjoy the delectable flavours and feel vibes of the Himalayas.
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