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All You Can Eat Night - Every Sunday & Monday ($27 per Head)

Experience the Authentic Nepali Flavours!

Nepali cuisine is known for its distinct flavours, aroma and taste. It is significantly influenced by Indian, Tibetan and Chinese culinary delights. Experience the heavenly and distinctive flavours of Nepali food right here in the heart of Melbourne.

Enjoy the Traditional Himalayan Flavours in Brunswick!

At Gurkhas, we have tried to create a little Nepal, Brunswick. We are one of the earliest Nepalese restaurants near Northcote serving authentic Nepali and Indian cuisines since 1995 to the local Nepali community and the Australians.

We use a variety of traditional and freshly ground spices and herbs to bring out the distinctive flavours of the Nepalese cuisine.

Fresh and Locally-Sourced Ingredients for a Heavenly Culinary Experience!

We have been serving delicious Nepali and Indian food for the past two decades, and over the years, perfected the traditional recipes, bringing in innovations to prepare a dish that will never disappoint you.

At Gurkhas, we have continually changed our menu and meticulously paired wine list. Our team of highly experienced chefs are adept at preparing most exquisite traditional dishes from the Himalayan kingdom. Whether you are planning for a dine-in experience, a takeaway or want to avail of our catering services, we deliver solutions for your specific requirements.

We have a team of friendly, courteous and attentive staff who ensure your dining experience at Gurkhas becomes a memorable one.  Nestled on a quiet street in Brunswick, Gurkhas provides a tranquil setting where you can feel the Oriental vibes.

Moreover, we also have elegant and spacious venues where you can host parties for your birthday, engagement, wedding and baby showers.

Visit Gurkhas this weekend and get indulged in a perfect and unforgettable dining experience.

Taste the Authentic & Unique Food of Himalayan Kingdom Right Here Near Northcote

Gurkhas provide a friendly, cozy and tranquil setting where you can enjoy the delectable flavours and feel vibes of the Himalayas.
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