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All You Can Eat Night - Every Sunday & Monday ($27 per Head)

All You Can Eat Night - Every Sunday & Monday ($27 per Head)

About Gurkhas Nepalese Restaurant

It was a humble beginning. Gurkhas Brasserie is one of the first Nepalese restaurants in Melbourne. When Gurkhas Brasserie first opened in 1995 at the famous Chapel Street in Melbourne, it had one main purpose: to serve an authentic taste of Himalayan kingdom of Nepal to the Australian public.

- Chandra Yonzon (Founder).

Owned By

- Sukuman Tamang & His Family since past 13 Years

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Gurkhas Chinatown - Food Menu

The Place For Asian Nepalese Food

Most Friday — Live Music w/ MomoNight / Dumpling Night

Nepalese Chilli Garlic Prawn – 6 pcs (GF ) $16.9

Prawn served with Garlic and Chilli Flavour.

Samosa – 2 Pcs $8.9

Curry puff- potato filling drizzled with plum sauce.

Spring Rolls – 6 Pcs $9.9

Vegetarian Spring, homemade with Plum sauce

Nepalese Sausage (GF) $14.9

Chilli Garlic Sausage

Spicy Chicken Wings (GF)- 6 Pcs $15.9

Marinated chicken wings off the grill, served with mixed…

Kukhra Ko Masu (Chicken Curry – GF) $21.5

Traditional chicken curry, typical Nepali style

Khasiko Masu (Goat Curry Bone – GF) $24.9

The specialty of the house, traditional goat meat w…

Chicken Chilli $21.9

Batter fried tender chicken fillets sautéed with dice capsicum,…

Thali Set (Chicken) $25.9

A typical Nepalese non veg platter consists of leaf…

Thali Set (Goat) $28.5

A typical Nepalese non veg platter consists of leaf…

Lamb Cutlet – 4 Pcs (GF) $38.5

Char - grilled Lamb Cutlet Served with veg &…

Buffalo Chilli $23.9

Batter fried tender Buffalo fillets sautéed with dice capsicum,…

Chow Chow Sadheko/ Chatpate $12.9

Spicy Mixed Nuts $14.5

Chicken Choila Set $21.9

Buffalo Choila Set $24.9

Only Buffalo Choila $18.5

Only Chicken Choila $14.5

Pork Sekewa $20.9

Marinated Nepalese flavour char griled pork skewer

Prawn Curry $28.9

Traditional prawn curry, typical Nepali style

Grilled Salmon – GF $32

Pan Fried Salmon served with sautéed veg

Grilled Barramundi – GF $32

Pan Fried Grill Barramundi served w/ sauted veg

Matar Paneer (GF) $18.9

The Mixture of Cottage Cheese & green peas gazed…

Paneer Chilli (GF) $19.9

Cottage Cheese sautéed with dice capsicum, onion, garlic, seasoned…

Eggplant Mushroom Curry (GF/VF) $21.9

Eggplant w/ Mushroom gazed in curry sauce

Stir Fry Tofu (GF/VF) $19.9

Stir Fry Tofu with seasonal veg

Daal (GF/VF) $14.5

Red Lentil

Stuffed Veg Pepper (GF) $22.5

Stuffed Rice with Mushroom, chic peas & cheese

Veg Thali Set (GF) $22.9

A typical Nepalese Vegetarian Platter consists of spinach, cottage…

Sukuman Tamang

Sukuman Tamang

Owner/Master Chef

40 Plus Years Of Experience At Hospitality Industry

Master Chef @ Gurkhas over 20 years (Melbourne)

Executive Chef @ 5 Star Resort (Nepal)

Chef De Party @ 5 Star Hotel (Dubai)

What Our Customers Say

Amy Stewart
Amy Stewart
The food and staff is awesome! We love it here and will be back
Heaven is myth, Gurkhas restaurant is real. Perfectly presented and well served. Big thanks to you Dai. We will be back again if we came back to Melbourne.
Daniel Remeeus
Daniel Remeeus
Food with great flavour. Ordered the calamari, goat bone curry, spicy prawns and daal.
Grace Enchelmaier
Grace Enchelmaier
Absolutely delicious, every dish we ordered was fantastic. Flavours were incredible. Even gave us a complamentary dish after making the smallest of mistakes with one of our dishes. Would recommend to everyone and definitely going back again.
Paul Howard
Paul Howard
Come here often. Good value & good quality
vishal gurung
vishal gurung
Great and wonderful place for Nepalese Food... Nice Dhido set and jhol jhol Mo:mo... 😋

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